Green mud applications, 480g

100% Freshwater Green Mud

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MARENCE freshwater green mud contains biologically active substances that act at the cellular level in the human body. The chemical analysis of the mud has proven the presence of rich organic substances, including full complex of amino acids, vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, PP, rutin, natural antioxidants, humic acids, lipids, fulvic acids, fatty acids, and enzymes, as well as micro- and macroelements.

Mud is a complicated system that consists of water, minerals, organic substances, and microorganisms. Different kinds of ions are almost always present in the mud fluid: cations, including calcium, magnesium, ammonium and anions, including hydrogen carbonate, chloride, sulphide. Microelements such as copper, barium, manganese, and others are also present. Such variety of bioactive substances, microelements and organic substances allows MARENCE green mud to be used for therapeutic purposes. 

MARENCE freshwater green mud use as applications
Marence green mud is suitable for athletes and active people after muscle overuse, various sports injuries and microtraumas (muscle and tendon strains, joint dislocations).

Marence mud applications are specifically intended to be applied on joints (shoulder, elbow, hand, fingers, hip, knee, and foot). Those can be applied locally on any other part of the body (avoiding heart region). The mud boosts metabolism and improves circulation, enhancing tissue regeneration, muscle relaxation and increasing the range of motion in the particular joint. The mud applications help to reduce inflammation, swelling and pain, leading to faster recovery and return to everyday activities and hobbies. We recommend consulting your doctor before use.

How to use
In case of muscle overuse or sports injury (acute process), the mud applications are not warmed! After applying the mud on the problem area, it is recommended to wrap it in a bioplastic film (such as food wrapping film). The length of the procedure: 40–60 minutes, at least 3x a week. After the procedure, the applications are removed, and the skin is dried with a towel or paper tissue.
Both for therapeutic and prophylactic use, it is recommended to do the course of the mud applications twice a year (10–12 procedures per course).

Caution: After the mud procedures, it is recommended to remain indoors and relax for 15–30 minutes. It is also recommended to avoid abrupt changes in temperature.