Northern Heritage

It is said that people in the North are harsh. It is said that nature in the North is harsh. Maybe…

We do not differentiate. People are nature…and…nature is people. This unity is witnessed in the glacial freshwater lake ecosystem of the Northern Hemisphere, which triumphed in this part of the world 10,000 years ago. And indeed, on the surface, this was not a mild process.

As the eternal dance between the wind and sun, leaves and snow, flora and fauna continued above ground, a layer of freshwater green mud, or Limus, was laid down in the depths of glacial freshwater lakes about 4000 years ago to mature. Limus contains a full range of amino acids and is rich in vitamins and micro-and macro elements.

This living alluvial trinity corresponds perfectly to the needs of the human body and skin. We have faith in the eternal processes of the North. We do not believe in youth elixirs. Nature treats nature. This is wisdom that the Northern heritage has preserved to pass on to the next generations. Millenniums for Millennials.