Skin Care Inspired by Northern Europe's Ancient Ecosystem
Smooth and radiant facial skin is a result of using high quality nourishing skincare. Marence products are 98% natural and contain everything your skin needs to always look amazing. All products contain freshwater green mud extracts which are full of vitamins, micro and macro elements, and amino acids, and help transfer valuable nutrients to the deepest levels of your skin. New anti-age lifting facial creams and multi-molecular products are particularly effective. Marence facial products are suitable even for the most sensitive skin.
Marence Freshwater Green Mud
The main ingredient in all of Marence’s skincare cosmetics is a unique 100% natural extract of freshwater green mud. Freshwater green mud is a biologically active natural product, the result of the complex biodegradation of flora and fauna in a non-oxygenated environment. The process of freshwater green mud formation can be measured over thousands of years.
Ingredients and Products
The freshwater green mud in Marence’s skincare products and cosmetics is used in different proportions. Experts on the Marence team have developed effective recipes based on extensive research. By mixing extracts from Latvia's natural ecosystems with high-quality active components from France, Germany, USA and Japan, Marence has created skincare products and cosmetics which ensures long-term and effective results for the face, hair and general body wellness.
Marence Bioactive products contain 100% freshwater green mud. After careful processing the mud becomes a valuable extract with healing effects. The pH level in this bioactive ingredient is similar to the skin’s pH so all the components of Marence's Bioactive products can be absorbed deep into the skin. Bioactive products contain the full complex of amino acids, are rich in vitamins C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, D, E and P, and also contain natural antioxidants, lipids, enzymes, and macro and micro elements. All these elements have a healing effect and improve your skin's long-term wellness.
Most popular
  1. Special price
    Green mud soap, lemongrass, 130g
    Green mud soap, lemongrass, 130g

    For hands and body

    €5.40 €9.00
  2. Special price
    Eye lifting cream, 15ml
    Eye lifting cream, 15ml

    Firms and lifts

    €25.20 €42.00
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    After shave balm 3K multi-molecular MEN, 50ml
    After shave balm 3K multi-molecular MEN, 50ml

    Calms and moisturises 

    €19.20 €32.00